Friday, May 25, 2012

On Windshield Washer Fluid...

Yesterday, before he left work, Jonathan asked me if I needed anything from the store, he was going to stop in on the way home. I told him no, but then remembered I needed windshield washer fluid, so he said he'd get me some.

Later, we went out for dinner. We took my car, and he drove. On the way back, the following conversation took place (this is more or less how it went).

Me (looking at my windshield): I really need to put the windshield washer fluid in the car, huh.

Him: You mean this? (he washes the window)

Me: You put the fluid in for me? You're the best. I'm so bad at that. I actually washed my windshield with the squeegee at the gas station the other day, it was so bad.

Him: You know they sell windshield washer fluid at gas stations, right?

Me: Yes, but I was on my lunch break. It would have taken too long.

Him: It takes 2 seconds.

Me: I don't know where to put it.

Him: It's pretty obvious.

Me: It was dark out.

Him: The cap is white.

Me: Well it's not like I let it go for too long anyway, it's not like it was weeks or anything (makes a face that means yes, I went a couple weeks without washer fluid).

I also have a tendency to wait until my car is all, "You have 5 miles until you run out of gas" before I actually get gas. The only thing I'm somewhat regular about is oil changes, but I even slack on that.

Also, today I left work to find that my blue car had turned green. I wasn't exactly parked under a tree, but I can't really help it if my car faces a forest in the parking lot.

So yeah, moral of the story?

I'm really bad at cars.

Monday, January 2, 2012

Goodbye 2011... Hello 2012!

So it's that time when everyone is posting about the year ending, and I'm no exception because I'm just cool like that. So here's a (hopefully relatively short) review of my 2011.

I started 2011 pretty calmly. I had just gotten back from APO Nationals in Atlanta, and had a relaxing evening with my parents and Bootzie, who was only 6 months old at the time. I went to sleep right after the ball dropped, tired after a long day of flying. The rest of January went pretty smoothly, I had a job interview and didn't get the job, but stayed at my current job for a really long time.

In February, Jonathan and I went to the Cape to spend Valentine's Day. It was a nice getaway for us, and we made up for the fact that we didn't see each other on Valentine's Day 2010. Also in February, I became the Massachusetts Alumni Coordinator for APO Section 96.

In March, we had my birthday (woo!), and Jonathan and I started looking for a new, more permanent apartment, found one and signed the lease.

In April, we bought our furniture, moved into our new apartment, and I bought my new car!

In May, we saw Lady Gaga in NYC, I got my APO Presenter certification, and we celebrated Jonathan's father's birthday at a big surprise party.

In June, I found out that they were going to end my contract at work. That was actually pretty devastating for me.

In July, mine and Jonathan's parents met for the first time!

In August, I went 4 days/week at work in order to try and stretch my contract. I interviewed for and got an offer for my current job, and Jonathan and I celebrated our 4th anniversary.

In September, I started my new job, and we celebrated Jonathan's birthday (woo!).

In October, we went to Conclave at UMass, which was awesome! Also, the last weekend of October started our power outage that lasted until the 2nd of November, and resulted in me working from home and us camping out at my parents' house until the power came back due to a freak October snow storm.

In November, Jonathan and I celebrated Thanksgiving together for the first time with his family in NY, then went to see TSO in Providence.

In December, we prepared for Christmas with a lot of shopping and decorating. We spent some time with friends, and then started our long trek around the Northeast for Christmas/APO Regionals/New Year's Eve. We went down to my parents' house on the 23rd, we were in charge of food on Christmas Eve, spent Christmas day there, then drove out to NY to spend time with his family.

On the 26th we went Go-Karting, which was super fun! They went really fast, and I kept crashing into the wall, which likely led to the problem I started having around 3AM that night.

I started being sick. Really sick. Nothing wanted to remain in my stomach sick. It was bad, but I thought I had just caught the bug my sister had.

When I was still sick 6 hours later, it was decided I should go to the hospital. They gave me some lovely drugs, and made me drink this nasty liquid for a CAT Scan that also did not want to remain in my stomach. I got enough of it down for the scan, and they found a ruptured ovarian cyst. So they sent me home and I spent the rest of the day sleeping. The next day was APO REGIONALS!!! Which was super fun and a great way to end the year. After Regionals we went back to my parents' house and went into Providence for Bright Night.

All in all, 2011 came in very calmly, and left with a racket, but I have high expectations for 2012!