Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Living with Food Allergies

A little back story before I get into the point of this post.

I have never been a big nut person. I was on and off with peanut butter, not one to snack on peanuts, they just have never been my think. A PB&J every now and then was about as nutty as I got.

It's been the same with tree nuts. I kind of like almonds but I'd rarely seek them out, don't like cashews, or many other tree nuts. I'll eat a macadamia every now and then.

The thing is, while they aren't something I'd seek out in eating, up until sophomore year of college, I didn't have to AVOID them. That's when I met Boy.

Boy who carried around an Epi-Pen in case he accidentally ingested a slight bit of peanuts or tree nuts and went into anaphylactic shock. (For some reason Firefox is telling me that word does not exist. I beg to differ.)

I went from someone who wasn't crazy about nuts to someone who has avoided them as all costs. Which is generally alright, because I don't like them in the first place. However, things get a little tricky when it comes to avoiding an entire category of food. For example, someone I work with brings protein bars into work, and has told me I am more than welcome to help myself (we keep a drawer of candies and snacks together). All of them have nuts, so I don't eat any of them. On Valentine's Day, we couldn't buy a regular box of chocolates because those usually have some sort of chocolate with nuts in it, and it's hard to be totally sure you know which ones have them.

Occasionally I'll surf the internet for healthy eating tips. Almost every single website I have found or stumbled upon suggests nuts as a healthy snack alternative. We could never ever be vegetarians, since the best way to get protein besides meat is nuts (and I don't like beans). We're also both very much meat eaters so that wouldn't happen anyway but it's still nice to know the choice is there.

I know that nut allergies aren't the worst food allergies to have (gluten intolerance is pretty bad) but they are difficult to deal with. Fortunately, he's never had a problem with the "processed on the same equipment" stuff, or else we'd really have to limit our diet (and my chocolate consumption!).

Do you have food allergies? How do you cope with them? When were they diagnosed?

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  1. I'm lactose intolerant. It's not a huge deal as long as I don't go overboard on the dairy.