Saturday, March 12, 2011


Every morning, I wake up around 7:30-7:45AM. It's right around this time that boy is usually going to sleep (maybe a bit earlier).

So he always asks me if I want him to make me breakfast. The conversation goes kinda like this:

Boy: do you want me to make you breakfast?
Me: I haven't eaten breakfast since I was in 6th grade.
Boy: you sure you don't want me to make you bacon?
Me: I'm sure. *rolls over and tries to sleep before the snooze deactivates and starts blaring music/static*.

You see, I live in this awkward area where the best stations I get are located 45 minutes away or 1 hr away... which means that occasionally I get static and it's difficult to get my clock radio to tune into them. Once I get it, something inevitably will happen to the dial (like hitting it in my sleep). The most recent event involved me (or Boy) somehow messing up the volume. In trying to fix it, it was either OMG MUSIC WAKE UP NOW or *I think I'll just be quiet because even though I'm an alarm you're sleeping and I don't want to wake you up*. It was frustrating.

You should see the radio in my car. I live 15 minutes away from work, and somehow my radio thinks that I should get one station at the beginning of my commute and the other at the end. It's difficult to keep the continuity of a radio talk show when it keeps fading to static.

My car has some character to it. There's the radio thing, which is real fun on long drives, mostly because the seek button refuses to work. It will cycle through numbers forever without settling on a station, but if I set it to a number it's like.. alright, this one works. It's weird but I've learned to deal with it.

So speaking of bacon.. I'm home this weekend and I had missed the Big Bang Theory this week and my mom had it on the DVR so I watched it. Awesome episode, by the way. So I was discussing this with my mom, and the following exchange occurred (which is what prompted me to blog):

Mom: Well, at least it smells like bacon when Sheldon thinks.
Me: I wish it smelled like bacon when I thought! But then I'd smell it and want bacon, and get distracted and go make some. Hmmm.

Puppyness is totally conked out in the middle of the living room right now. She's adorable! She helped make coming home this weekend better.

Alright so.. this has gotten long enough. Also I'm starting to think I need a personalized layout but I have this problem of not knowing HTML beyond making the font change color, so if you wanna help me make it pretty let me know!


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