Thursday, February 3, 2011

Hooray adulthood!

Alright so I obviously don't blog as much as I should.

I missed work the past 2 days because of the snow. This morning, we went outside to unbury my car. After digging it out, I started it, and tried to move it.

Hit gas, nothing happens. Hit it harder, a little bit, hit it real hard, tires barely moving if at all. Guess what that means? Transmission is gone. Which means? I'm on the hunt for a new car.

Which throws me into the world of car loans and trying to figure out what I want. My car now, has been a clunker car. It was a decent car, it just was cheap and good to learn to drive on. But I don't want another car like that. I want a car that I'm going to drive for awhile.

Yay adulthood!