Thursday, September 23, 2010

Why I didn't go to graduate school

So I've realized that I told many, many people that I was going to graduate school this year. I had been accepted, I didn't have a job, I could go for discounted tuition because WPI is awesome, it all seemed like a win-win-win all around. However, I didn't tell people my reasons for deciding not to go to graduate school.

I analyzed my reasons for going to graduate school:
  • I was accepted
  • I didn't have a job
  • Discounted tuition
  • I get to spend another 1-2 years in school figuring out life
  • I get to maintain my social life
  • I get to keep my parent's health insurance
Basically, I was avoiding going into the real world because it looked dark and scary. The biggest problem was the reason that wasn't in my list of reasons for going to graduate school: furthering my education. That wasn't on my list because it wasn't a reason for going. And that's a problem, because basically I just wanted to stay in college. It wasn't a good reason. None of those reasons are good reasons on their own to go to graduate school. It has to be something you WANT to do (this is a message for all my friends who are now seniors in college).

And as much as I miss my friends at school, I'm glad I didn't go to grad school. I needed a break from school for awhile. Also, I have an interview on Monday with my dream company and that wouldn't have happened if I was still in school.

So now I've clarified and given a message to my friends.

Interview Monday, then I go out to NY to celebrate Jonathan's birthday, and then back to WPI on Friday & Saturday for Homecoming. Still feels a little weird to have to pack an overnight bag to go to the place I used to live, I'll admit. But I'm on my way to making a life for myself, facing the real world that I almost decided to avoid.

I'm proud of myself for making a mature decision. One day I'll go back to school for what I really want, which is an MBA. I might even go back to WPI for that degree. But that's the future. Right now, I need to find a job. And I'm hopefully closer to that.

Until next time,



  1. how about the peace-core

  2. Awww... Yay! I'm proud of you for figuring out what you wanted to do. :)