Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Job hunting

I've probably posted something called this in the past, but basically this post will be all about job hunting and the associated annoyances.

I've been looking for a full time position for about a year now, thinking that starting while IN school would make me likely to have one when I graduate. It's a Tuesday and I'm posting this at 1PM in my pajamas.

Anyway, so I've done quite a few interviews and submitted countless applications. And I have some ranting to do.

I did on-campus interviews for I think 5 companies while I was in school. Only 2 of them got back to me. I don't mind that TOO much- it's not like it takes a lot of effort for me to stop into the Career Development Center after class in a suit. But still, it's common courtesy.

As for off-campus interviews. I'll start with Company A. Company A is located about halfway between WPI and my house, 45 minutes away from each. They called me in for an interview at the end of April. After class I got into my suit, drove the 45 minutes, and they gave me a whole tour of the place and told me all about the job and what I'd be doing and I met a couple of people. A few weeks later they call me for a phone interview with their corporate office and start asking me what I'm looking for in terms of salary, etc. So I start feeling really good about this job- they don't ask that unless they're REALLY interested. So then they bring me in for another interview, again driving 45 minutes away and meeting 5 different managers and countless other people and learning in detail what all their machines do.

That last interview was at the end of May. I had only really communicated with these people through phone, and I hadn't saved the number so I can't exactly call them or email them. I never heard back.

Company B. This job was 45 minutes from WPI, and  1 1/2 to 2 hours from home. It was a job I wasn't sure about in the beginning, because it wasn't exactly what I was looking for. The owner of the company called me for a phone interview, and we talked for a bit and he said that I seemed comfortable on the phone and he'd like to meet me in person. I go in for an in-person interview, from WPI because I was still living up there at this point. Then he calls me in for a second in-person interview, but this time I was living at home. I drive the 2 hours to get there, he tells me that he needs to wait for another company to give him the OK to hire someone and then he'd contact me the beginning of August. I never heard back.

I understand if you found someone else for the position, I understand if you can't hire someone right now, but honestly you need to just TELL ME. Don't leave me sitting in limbo until I just assume I didn't get the job.I understand that you can choose whoever you want for the job, but honestly, you don't need to treat people who don't meet that standard like they aren't worth a simple courtesy email.

I wish I could work from home. It seems like a pretty good deal, but I'd never be able to in my line of work. Besides, it's not easy to find a reputable work from home company.

So yeah that's my rant for the day.


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  1. I understand your pain and I promise to tell you about any ECE-ish jobs I find in MA :)