Thursday, August 5, 2010

A story in emoticons

So last night I was talking to John on Skype about him finishing his project (his last bit of work). I decided to tell a story in Skype emoticons. The only thing I sent him was the emoticons, the rest was me telling the story.

He was getting stressed, so I told him to have a beer.

Then I said that when he's done, we'll have cake.

He can have beer with his cake:

Or a cocktail if he prefers:

And the sun will be shining:

And we'll play music!

And there will be dancing:

And... ninjas:

And he'll get a gold star on his project!

And a thumbs up from his professor:

His professor will be rolling on the ground he'll be so happy he finished:

And I'll give him a kiss

And we'll have a big party with all his friends!

And I'll give him a bear hug:
Because I love him so much:

And I'll make a movie about his life!

Then he'll wave to everyone:

And he'll shake hands as he gets his degree:

He'll put on his sunglasses because he's a cool dude

But for now, he has to sweat it out and try not to cry:

The End!

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