Tuesday, August 10, 2010


I've never been an athletic person. Never. I mean sure, I played soccer when I was 7 and did ballet when I was 8 or so, but honestly gym has always been my worst subject. Ask anyone who took a gym class with me. I was always chosen last, but I honestly didn't care. It was a necessary evil that I had to put up. Even WPI required me to take some gym classes and I took the easier ones- RAD (rape defense), Leisure activity, Wellness, and Walking for Fitness.

So why now, when I'm done with college and away from mandatory exercise requirements, would I possibly want to start a running routine? Honestly, it's because I'm bored, I'm angry, and I'm getting depressed about the fact that I sit at home all day. I even started studying my old textbooks and doing problems out of them to relieve my boredom.

So I was looking online for some training plans, where you can start from being a total couch potato (or computer chair potato in my case) and be able to run. I found one here at Running World: http://www.runningplanet.com/training/beginning-runner-program.html

And I figured, why not? So I started today with the first day, 30 minutes of walking at an easy pace.

Let's hope this is something I can keep up with and maybe it will help me become more optimistic about life.


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