Saturday, June 26, 2010

I wish

I wish I actually had something to blog about.

I wish I could write witty stuff that makes people laugh and will make them want to follow my blog.

I wish I could go to the cool blogging conferences like BlogHer and meet all the cool bloggers who I hope to someday be like.

I wish I had a job, because maybe then I'd have something to write about.

I wish I didn't have to drive 4 hours just to see him.

I wish I could bring him with me when I leave on Tuesday.

I wish I could stop waiting.

I wish I could stop wishing.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Job Hunting

So first of all I realize this blog is still called Senior Year and I've graduated. So... yeah when I think of another clever title I'll either rename it or make a permanent blog that I can write in forever and maybe actually become one of those cool blogger people like The Bloggess or Anissa Mayhew or  Nicole Antoinette who I follow like crazy and think they are all totally awesome! (Also I kinda regret not trying to meet Nicole while I was in San Francisco because I was there and she lives there and it would have been cool).Of course that means I'd have to blog more often than the once to twice a month I've been doing.

So I graduated on May 15 and moved home on May 30 (with a short trip to NY between because John had to do something and he has no car so I had to go with him because he took my car). Why does John have no car?

It died in a fire on March 31. I wish I was joking.

Anyway... job hunting.

I have applied to about 345675321189 jobs in the past year or so. I've had a few interviews, and I had some interviews about 2 weeks ago just before I moved home. They both looked pretty promising but I haven't heard back yet.

I really thought at least one would pan out, but I guess not.

I've started to seriously consider jobs outside my engineering field- I saw a management training type thing that I almost applied to. Maybe I will. What could it hurt?

I look at jobs and they say they need 10-15 years of experience. 15 years ago? I was just ending first grade. 10 years ago? 6th grade. Also, 10-15 years ago technology was completely different! Drives me crazy.

On the other side of things, I painted my room. It now has 3 mint green walls and one turquoise wall to match the bedding set I have. Pics will be taken at some point, I just want to completely finish first. All that's left is to finish the closet, which is almost done! It definitely looks like an adult lives here now. Light purple with butterflies was a little childish for me at this point.

I think this has gotten long enough.