Wednesday, April 7, 2010

One Month

As of approximately 1:00AM this morning, I have been back on the East Coast for exactly one month.

And what a month it has been. This is probably gonna be a long post.

Let's begin where I left off last time!

The Chinese New Year parade in San Francisco was awesome. I took a crapton of video, but the tape itself is kind of broken, but I'm gonna try to fix it so I can load everything in and post it.

Our last week at SRI was pretty good, we didn't have much to do besides finish up the report and make the presentation. We presented the Thursday, and it went very well- everyone was complimenting us!

I did laundry and packed on Wednesday, save for some outfits to last me the rest of the week. I fit everything in my suitcase- no need for the box I had bought to mail stuff home! It was a tight squeeze to fit everything, but I did it. Friday came and we left work early, since we had nothing else to do, and drove down to the Pacific Ocean. Crazy MQP partner went swimming in the freezing water, but I stayed on dry land. It was beautiful though- it didn't have that strong salt water scent that you get in places like Newport.

Saturday morning I was up bright and early, and MQP partner drove me to the airport. Got there in plenty of time, checked in and got through security in record time. Seriously Boston needs to get this system- they have 2 lanes, one for people traveling with children or who aren't familiar with going through security, and one lane for people who know what they're doing. I was through everything in about 20 minutes.

Plane took off from San Jose no problems, got to Dallas right on time. Check the screen in Dallas to see where my next gate is and guess what? My 2 1/2 hour layover turned into a 5 hour layover. That's right, my plane was delayed 2 1/2 hours. I grabbed some food in the food court and settled in with my computer for a long Skype conversation with Jonathan until my flight home. I got in around 1AM, and after baggage claim and the drive home, got to bed around 3AM.

Spring break was a big waiting game. Jonathan had to go home Saturday night for his brother's birthday party on Sunday. On the way home his car was hit by some gravel, cracking the windshield. He had an appointment to get that replaced on Thursday, but on Tuesday his check engine light came on and he needed a new O2 sensor, and couldn't get an appointment to get that fixed until after the windshield was replaced. However there's a thing with the windshield getting replaced and putting the car on a lift, can't do that for 5 days. He finally made it to see me a week after I got home at my birthday party- he borrowed his dad's car.

So over break I just kind of sat around recovering from the jet lag and just hanging around. Nothing really special. I did get my hair done though- I'm blonde again!

Then school started. Classes are basically like this for me:

ECE class- don't go to lecture, read the slideshows on the website instead, do the labs.

Physics- seriously? It's a freshman level class taught to freshmen- as a senior, I find lecture a waste of time. I have to go to conference though where I hand in my homework, and I have to go to lab because it's lab. Physics labs are pretty easy though, you barely do anything and they're designed to only take an hour.

Um that's it. Besides Walking for Fitness, which is when it's awesome to have an iTouch because there's internet in the gym and on the track.

The weekend of my birthday Jonathan and I went to NYC. It was pretty fun, we walked a lot and he showed me where he worked and stuff. I like cities so it was great!

The following weekend was APO Conclave, which was pretty awesome- learned a lot as usual and got to know the pledges who went a lot better.

Last week the apartment building next to me was on fire, WFD got it under control pretty quickly, but the house is pretty beat up. Unfortunately Jonathan parked his car right under where the debris was falling and got totaled in the process :(. RIP Red Volvo.

Last weekend was Easter so I went home. Easter vigil mass took forever, it was literally almost 3 hours. But Easter Day was pretty fun, I had a good time with my cousins, they're always great. Though the 4 year old was pretending to be me for most of the day, and pretending I was him. It was kind of cool though, he knew relationships between people there- like he knew that my mom was "his mom", and my sister asked to play with him and he said "no, but you can play with my cousin Robbie" and pointed to me.

So that's about it for now- this weekend I have to bring Jonathan back home to NY for a dentist appointment, we're leaving Friday night and coming back here Saturday so we can do APO Iron Chef.

A month later I'm finally used to being home- it actually took about this long to get used to. I felt kind of out of place for awhile there- maybe it's the acceptance that I'm doing graduate school that allowed me to get back into the swing of being in school knowing it's not just only 7 more weeks.

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