Thursday, February 25, 2010

So close- and it feels really good

Today was a roller-coaster.

We got into work, and found out that some of our routines may be wrong. After a lot of drawing on the board and talking things out with each other, we have fixed the problem.

Both of our mentors agree that we are right. Or, at least the one who's always telling us that we're wrong, which means the other one will agree tomorrow morning (hopefully- they like to argue sometimes).

This means that all of the work, the research, design, and engineering work, is complete!

Tomorrow my partner will be creating jpeg images of all the plots that we want to include in our report first thing. Then he will finish the "Methodologies and Implementation" part of the report while I start on the "Data and Results" part. Hopefully that part won't take too long if I can stay focused!

Once he's done with his part and I've written as much as I can for Data and Results, I'll send it over to him so he can make sure that my explanations make sense and will add anything else he thinks is important. Then I'll add some pictures into our presentation, and all that's left is the intro, conclusion, and abstract, and to add the MATLAB code in as an appendix.

Also- something awesome that might happen is that the President and CEO of SRI, also a WPI grad, might come to our presentation! At least he was included in the invitation. That would be pretty awesome!

This weekend we have the Chinese New Year festival in San Francisco. If anyone wants a particular souvenir from SF let me know! Then we're probably gonna go to Palo Alto and Stanford on Sunday to check it out.

That's about it for now- I just feel really good about everything, I'm essentially done with MQP! We got everything done, on time, and done right. I'm crossing my fingers for an A!



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