Monday, February 22, 2010

Should probably be working

But... I'm really hyper, and I don't know why.

So here's the deal- me and Jonathan ended up fighting over the fact that I try and talk to him too much throughout my day, which I'll admit is true. So instead I've decided not to IM him while I'm at work.

One problem- I'm so close to the end here I can taste it, and because of that I can't concentrate. So I've taken to updating my Facebook status a million times instead of just sending him the random thoughts that go through my head.

My Facebook statuses today- these are only from the last couple of hours!

bored at work... 12 days left!

tomorrow is National Pancake Day!!!! Today is National Margarita Day!!

you know that feeling, like when you're in elementary school and there's only 2 weeks left of the school year and summer is so close that you can taste it and the weather is gorgeous but you have to stay inside and do work for those last 2 weeks? And you can't really concentrate but you're trying soooo hard to? Yeah, that's me right now.

I'm so antsy and impatient today! IM me to distract me...

does anyone know how much webspace WPI gives us?

we're writing MATLAB code for our MQP. How funny would it be if we ended every comment with "Hooray!" ie- load the data- hooray! extract the data- hooray!

So yeah... I've decided that from now on I'll just keep my blog open and post any random thoughts I have throughout the day in it, and then at the end of the day I can just post it and you can see how incoherent and ridiculous I am! And then you can feel bad for my poor MQP partner who's stuck in a small office with a crazy person for the next 2 weeks!

So close!!

Ok now back to work... maybe.


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