Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The Saga of Exercise and Heels

So if you know me then there are probably a couple things you've noticed.

1. I don't wear heels, ever. I can almost always be found wearing sneakers, unless it is a special occasion.

2. I'm lazy. I don't live too far from campus, but I can be found driving up because I'm too lazy to walk.

3. I have a bad knee, which I hurt in high school. It acts up when I walk too much. Sometimes I wear a brace. I cannot find my brace.

I have done a lot of walking while I've been here. Walking to train stations, wandering around San Jose, wandering around Mountain View... my legs have gotten a lot of exercise.

I wear heels to work because that completes the whole "business casual" look.

This weekend, my knee was KILLING me. I'm picking up a brace my next trip to the drugstore. Today, I got home from work and took off my shoes and walked around. My legs hurt a little. There are muscles there that I didn't know I had.

Now I lay in bed, and my legs feel strange.

Oh and work? Don't get me started. I wish someone had some semblance of a clue what ANYTHING means and what we're supposed to be doing. Because I don't. Hopefully the next couple of days bring some clarity. And the next couple of weeks go quickly. And March 6th comes and I'm home, with my family and my Jonathan, my MQP behind me.

Loving and missing you all!

Special hello to my mom's coworkers who apparently all read my blog! I have a fan base! Woot!


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