Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Of transportation and San Fransisco

Probably will post some video later.

This weekend I went to San Fransisco. We walked around a lot, didn't really do all that much. Maybe I'll go back this weekend to explore some more. It's a big place!

Transportation in California:

I don't think I've posted much about it. Most of the travel we have done has been by the Caltrain. SRI covered the cost of a monthly Caltrain pass, which lets us go between 2 "zones" on weekdays and anywhere on the Caltrain (San Jose to San Fransisco) on the weekends. Really nice, lots of stops, can get basically anywhere you want!

However, my MQP partner has a car. Every once in awhile we'll drive from our apartments to SRI, which is about a 20 minute drive. We can use the carpool lane on the highway, which travels significantly faster!

I miss my car. I feel like I've lost some of my independence without it. I have to relay on the train and Sebastian to get anywhere.

I wish I had my car out here because, after driving in MA for so long, I'm surprised about some things about roads in CA.

-There actually exists such a thing as left turn lanes- at every left turn!
-No one ways- streets actually go 2 way- and there's enough room for BOTH cars!

Among other things. Also, people aren't crazy. You get cut off less. People don't go as fast. This may just be my perception as a passenger though.

Oh and another thing- cross walks. There are actually crossing symbols that work! They don't seem to feel the need to stop all ways of traffic for someone to cross! And if there is just a crosswalk and no button- people stop! You aren't waiting forever to cross the street.

That's really all for now- I'm actually pretty homesick but I will be on a plane in 45 days!

Special shoutouts

Hi Mom!
Hi Dad!
Hi Katie!
Hi Grandma!
Hi Grandpa!
Hi Sheryl!
Hi Jeff!
Hi Julia!
Hi Robbie!
Hi Bug bug (Elianna!)
Hi Memere!
Hi Pops!
Hi Sue!
Hi Alita!
Hi Liz!
Hi other people from Mom's work who happen to be reading this/listening to this being read!

And of course

I miss you all! I will be home soon with lots of adventures to tell you all about! And pictures! And video!


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  1. HOV lanes ftw. Also I am jealous of your train-riding, as I love trains.