Monday, January 4, 2010

Finally in Cali!

So yesterday was quite the adventure.

I woke up at 4AM (Eastern time). Got everything ready, and my parents drove me to the airport in Boston in the snow. It took us awhile to get there, and while I was in line to check in for my plane they jumped me ahead because my flight was getting ready to board. Checked my luggage in, found Nicole, and we got in line for security.

After a tearful goodbye with our parents, we got through security with minimal problems (Nicole's bracelets don't come off so she had to be manually checked). We got to the gate just before they called us to board.

We weren't sitting together, but I had a window seat next to a guy who just slept the whole time. I was right on the wing!

Anyway, so we were a bit delayed leaving because we had to be deiced, and we had only about 20 minutes to get from Gate D to Gate C in Dallas. Luckily there is a tram type thing that brings you between gates inside security, which leaves every 2 minutes.

So we got on the plane just in time, I think we may have been the last to board! I had another window seat next to a girl who was going back to school in California after spending Christmas in Dallas, where she lives. I also got to see the Grand Canyon from the plane! That was pretty awesome.

When we got to San Jose, it took awhile for our luggage to come out, but we got it with no problems. We met up with some of the boys from WPI there and they had gotten a limo van service, so we jumped in with them. When we got to the apartments they had some trouble finding our reservation, but we called Professor Finkle and he came down to help us.

The apartments are nice, I'll post some pics later. There are two bedrooms with two twin size beds, two nightstands, two closets, a large dresser and a TV, with an attached bathroom. Between the bedrooms is a living room area with couches, a desk, and a TV, and the kitchen has everything we need to cook.

Nicole and I went food shopping last night, which probably wasn't the best idea because we were tired and hungry so we sounded like two stoned people with the munchies going through the market. Things are a little more expensive out here!

Once we got back we finally got our paperwork to get connected to the internet, then I completely conked out. I was trying to talk to Jonathan and I was like yeah.. this really isn't working, I need to sleep. It was only 9PM here, but I'd been up since 4AM Eastern time- 1AM Pacific time! It was definitely time to sleep.

So here I am, 8AM, letting you all know that I am here in Mountain View, I am safe, glad to be out of the snow, and missing you all terribly. I start work at SRI tomorrow though!


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