Thursday, January 7, 2010


Yes, I have experienced my first Earthquake.

No, I didn't run around screaming, as I'm sure people would expect me to. It actually kinda of excited me. Once I found out it was actually an earthquake, that is.

I was in mine and Sebastian's office, talking to a couple people when we felt this shudder. It only lasted maybe 2-3 seconds, and my first thought was "We're in California! That was an Earthquake!". But I didn't say anything because, well, it tends to go that I say stuff like that and people are like.. what are you talking about it was just ____!

So I figured it may have just been people moving some furniture or heavy equipment upstairs (it reminded me a bit of when the boys above my room freshman year would jump around upstairs). Then someone was around saying "did you feel the earthquake? They say it was a 4.2 magnitude!". Then Prof. Finkel emailed us about it.

We also finally got our desktop computers today! So now we can start doing real work!


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