Sunday, November 22, 2009


So I figured I will use this blog to document my time working on my MQP- it will probably turn into a video blog if I can figure out how to embed videos into it while I'm in CA.

If not, then all my videos will be on my school website!

Anyway, so we started PQP this term, preparing for our trip out to California. We know that we're doing some sort of Satellite Data Study using MATLAB. What I understand is it involves downloading data from a satellite and making it make sense in MATLAB, which is pretty cool! I do wish I knew more about it though.

We've also been learning about California itself in our big group PQP. There are three different majors going out there: ECE, CS, and IMGD. The two ECE's are going to SRI International, and the IMGD's are going to eBay, and the CS students are divided into two groups, one going to nVIDIA and one going to eBay. So all 10 of us meet on Thursdays, and we have individual meetings with our advisors about our actual projects.

The past couple of Thursdays have been pretty fun- we've been learning about transportation to our sites, what types of things are around where we're going to be living, and earthquakes.

That's about it- I should get to work on my proposal! We need to finish it before the end of the term!

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